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soar therapy

for trauma and dissociation

My Approach

I provide the psychoeducation to help you make sense of your symptoms, develop coping strategies including mindfulness and somatic resourcing, and will be by your side as you explore your trauma, furthering processing the memories that have been held in the body for too long.

Providing services to survivors of but not limited to:

Dissociative Disorders

Complex Trauma

Acute Trauma

Relational Trauma

Sexual Trauma

Emotional Trauma

Physical Trauma


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Hi! I'm Tarah Hipple-Thomas, a trauma therapist. I live in Grand Rapids, MI and am licensed in both Michigan and Washington as a Licensed Master's Social Worker and Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.

We're not birds and we're not in a nest, but we're going to soar.

- Rebecca W.

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